Kaizen & Cohen

Purveyors of rare, luxury goods from around the globe.

What do we sell?

Kaizen & Cohen are purveyors of very rare, unique objects of interest from around the world. These could be luxury designer items or unique collectibles.

We specialise in vintage designer items from brands like MCM, Burberrys and Gucci.

The selection of products in our shop is constantly changing. We do not usually stock multiples of same item. Some of the items currently in stock include vintage, hard to find, small leather goods. We also have designer products from other brands such as Gucci.

Moving on to other categories of products, we currently have in stock a number of very rare Japanese collectibles. These include vinyl records with music from two iconic shows; Space Battleship Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (科学忍者隊ガッチャマン, Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman).

If you are a fan of these shows, then you’re in luck as we also have a whole collection of Space Battleship Yamato erasers and keychains.

Other than luxury leather goods and rare collectibles, we also stock some amazing and often hard to find stationery. Currently we have in stock very rare Japanese mechanical pencils (including the iconic Pentel Pel). For those who love a designer touch, we have luxurious Gucci notebooks and a lovely stationery set by MCM.

The list goes on and we are constantly working hard to find, and bring you more interesting and rare luxury objects.

Why buy from us?

The Kaizen & Cohen motto of ‘Gaudium et Luxuria’ has two broad translations – the first of which is ‘Happiness and Luxury’.

It is this feeling of ‘Happiness and Luxury’ which we bring to you via our selection of specially curated luxury goods and rare collectables from around the World.

The second interpretation of the Kaizen & Cohen motto ‘Gaudium et Luxuria’ translates to ‘Joy and Lust’.

We hope you will experience these feelings of ‘Joy & Lust’ while searching through the collections on our site.

All of our items – especially any vintage items for sale, pass very meticulous quality control checks.

We always endeavour to provide honest and thorough product descriptions and additional helpful information where possible.

We know the importance of great communication and as such we promise to respond promptly to any questions or queries that may arise.