1:700 Scale Akishio Submarine Diorama


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The Japan Maritime Self Defence Force Kure Museum. Iron Whale Akishio Submarine Diorama

Truly amazing diorama featuring Akishio submarine which is now a museum boat in Hiroshima, Japan.

Akishio is a retired Japanese Yūshio-class submarine. The submarine was laid down in Kobe back in 1983. Its a diesel-electric submarine. After it’s decommissioning in 2004, Akishio was placed outside the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force Kure Museum in 2007 where she remains till this day.

The beautiful 1:700 scale diorama features the submarine as well as the museum building and even little details like cars parked outside.

This is a used item but was carefully inspected by Kaizen and Cohen team. You can see the condition on the high resolution images taken with 2.5x optical zoom. Everything is in a very good condition although there are some micro scratches on the casing. Some of the photos were taken without the case to show the details.

Dimensions of 1:700 Scale Akishio Submarine Diorama

The base is approximately
16cm long and 7cm wide and 6cm high from the bottom to the top of casing.